Thursday, June 6, 2013

When You Can Not See


Just a short devotional for today on what God is putting in my heart during this 21 day fast

There are many days in a child's life where from their perspective they may be unseen, unheard, or disconnected from their parents. I am having to balance in my belief system that just because things may look that way to my children some days, does not mean that is the reality. 

Today was a very busy day with end of the school year preparations. Even though I missed out on my "quality" time with my kids today, I did some things that I needed to do for their future, that they will never know or understand. There are days like that.

This morning I forgot to grab my Bible and I was in my prayer time without it. I had to use the internet Bible, ugh. But I had my sheet of promises from the Bible and I went down them and prayed and make declarations for my kids. That's the point- everyday not everything works out just right and most days I swing from one improvisation to the next, but I am learning to lean into what I cannot see and trust God for the areas I fall short in.

The same way my kids cannot see the whole behind the scenes picture, I cannot see God's. The same way I desire my kids to listen to me without a "reason why", I need to do the same with God. I'll tell you what, focusing on my family is really teaching me about being God's kid.

What are you learning right now? I'd love to heard from you.
- Gina


  1. Hi Gina, It's been a while since I've visited your blog. I always like what you have to say. Seeing the unseen is something I will be teaching the kids at VBS this year. To live by faith and not by sight. Do you have any thoughts or ideas about how to teach children how trust in things we can't see? Actually, that the things we can see are temporary and the things we can't see are eternal...

    1. Hi Nena! Good to hear from you! Have you seen the book by Jennifer Toledo called Eyes that See and Ears that hear? It is 6 lessons plus a pretty big intro section. We are doing it at home with our kids but it can be adapted for a VBS or church class too. Here is the link:

    2. Thanks, Gina, I will look into this.

    3. Let me know how it turns out! Do you have a link to your children's ministry? let me know if there are any resources I have I could get you. I am working on putting more free resources on this page too .... coming soon... :)

  2. Listening to God without a reason why, that is key. Sometimes I want God to give me more details or tell me why this or why that. But He is God. I am not to question. I need to learn to rest in His love for me.