Saturday, December 21, 2013

Praying the Bible Over Your Pre-Teen and NEW Book

It started a few months ago when I was having a talk with my young teenager. She was telling me all the worries in her heart, which seemed very dramatic at the time. All the while, I was thinking, "these are lies from the enemy she is believing!" Then it hit me. I spend time each day praying the scriptures, declarations, and blessings over myself and equip others to do so, and here my own child has not been equipped.

So I asked, "If I made you a book you could use with scriptures that would help you pray about these things and prayers to help you get started, would you do it? Would you pray the scriptures over yourself and believe God will strengthen you through them?" I was so pleased, the answer was "yes".

In my journal I have a section where I pray for each of my kids, noting scriptures and specific prayers over them based on their unique personality & needs. I used that as a launch pad and prayed through what areas my pre-teens were struggling with and what areas of strengthening they were needing.

As I was working on this little book, I realized that this was not a unique topic to my own child, but how many 11-14 year olds are out there that are probably feeling this same way? Worried about the future? Worried about the way they look, will they be accepted, will people like them? Is it enough that God loves them when they don't feel pleasure from the peers around them? And how do they even know how God feels about them? How do they know He really does care? He really does listen?

In this little book I have included an "Identity Proclamation" to read over themselves each day,  promises from the Bible, prayer starters to read/pray those specific scriptures, a journaling section, and several pages of specific promises from God to get deep in their heart such as; "God thinks I'm beautiful", "God hears my cries and answers me", and "I was bought at a price". In reading these over and over, I believe the Word of God will go down deep and they will begin to really believe how much they are loved and valued by God. I believe that this is the root of many issues for teenagers and if they can get their identity in Christ settled before they are 14, how much more successful will they be in walking in joy and peace as a teenager?

So here it is, I really hope you will do this with your young teen, teach them how to pray scripture over themselves, and set them up for a successful personal devotional life.

Order Here: Prayers & Promises for Young Teens: A practical tool to develop your identity in Christ  $5.69 on Amazon.