Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Does Freedom in God Look Like?

I honestly can say I don't know what truly being free looks like.

People have so many different views of what 'freedom' looks like. I admit, I went through seasons in my Christian walk where I thought that I was experiencing true freedom, only to come out again believing there must be more than this.

On the quest for true freedom, I often dream of some ethereal place I will arrive at, during this age, where I will feel God's presence day and night, see in the Spirit realm, almost floating through the days.

I have at least come to a few conclusions. There is only more to come, that I can only go up from my current experience with the Lord, and that the Lord does desire that His people live and walk in freedom- whatever that looks like.

I find freedom when I'm with the Lord in prayer and I just start weeping.
I find freedom when I'm in intercession for my family, friends, and city.
I find freedom when I'm getting ready in the morning and a feeling comes over me out of nowhere that makes me giggle.
I find freedom when I am too tired at night to read and I rest instead.
I find freedom when my child wants to cuddle, and I stop what I'm doing and hold them.
I find freedom in the secret place of giving, when my right hand doesn't know what my left hand is doing.

Freedom increases in my life the more I LIVE for Him. Lord, come invade every area of my heart! That I could see You and know You more!