Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Face Time

What is the difference between spending time with someone watching a movie and sitting at the table having a cup of coffee together? Face time. And I'm not talking about iPhone features...

I "spend" a lot of time with my family, but if I were to be honest, not a lot of quality time. You might be familiar with the book, The Five Love Languages, one of my top two love languages is quality time. Isn't that interesting that the very language that speaks love to my heart I can honestly say I get the least of? You need to understand something about love languages before I go any further. 

love languages.
Your love language is the primary way you hear, understand, and receive love. For example, if I was in France and you tried to buy something from me with Peso's I say, "no comprehendo." (Or something like that cause I don't speak Spanish.) So if my love language is quality time, but you keep giving me gifts, I'm like, "me no comprehendo".  Make sense?

Another thing is that if your love language, for example, was physical touch, and you undergo physical neglect or abuse, it actually damages your heart worse than should you be neglected or hurt in another way. With that said...

Interesting, since my love language is quality time you can see that it being a neglected area in my closest relationships makes me feel disconnected from my family. I don't want to "do" things with my family, I want to be  with them. What's even more interesting, is that is how God feels towards us. He doesn't want us to just "do things for Him" or with Him, He really, really wants us to just sit with Him and have Face Time.

In this fast, one of my "Unto's" is "face time" with those I love.  I am fasting unto looking my family in the eyes, talking to them, sitting with them, and having quality time together. Tonight, it was a simple twenty minutes of talking to each other, putting my son in the "encouragement pot" (where we all give a word of encouragement), and praying over my daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes. 

One of the coolest things tonight was the two kids that fight the most right now were laying hands on each other (gently!) and praying for each other! My son prayed compassionately for my daughter's healing, with sincerity and tenderness. Face time breaks down walls and builds bridges in our relationships. 

I'd love to hear one of your "unto's".
- gina

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  1. I should retake my love language assessment. I use to be quality time and physical touch, but nowadays, I am all about acts of service. It would be good to revisit. Love your FaceTime with Luke.