The Silverlakesound

In April of 2007 I had an open vision where I was standing on a hill yet at the foot of the bay, Coyote Hills-  i looked up into the sky and saw a lake in the sky, sparkling, silver, and increasingly getting bigger. The was a sound coming from the lake that I could hear audibly. There were others that also heard it. We were in communication about what we were seeing and hearing. 

Just now over five years later, the Lord continues to give me revelation of this 'silverlake sound'. It is the Lake at the foot of the throne of God, also known as the "crystal sea".  It is the picture of God coming to earth. As His decent (heaven coming to earth) grows increasingly closer, the lake is bigger and bigger. The closer we are to the return of Christ, the more we can see Him, hear Him, and get revelation of His Word and His ways. 

The Silverlake Sound is invisible God speaking to us... and God is Always Speaking.