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These are not your average Sunday School resources. These are tools you can use to take kids who "know all the stuff" deeper in intimacy with God. Use them, share them, adapt them, we don't mind. We just pray that the children in your life have real encounter with the Living God.

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Daily Declarations

Use these declarations to pray over yourself and your family daily and watch how the Lord fills your life with peace and comfort.

Biblical Promises & Identity Scriptures

Use these passages to pray over your children at home, at church, or over yourself and see an increase in confidence in your identity in Christ.

Target Meditation Activity

Use this sheet to help children/youth dig deeper into the scripture in a more visual way. For more explanation, see this post.

John 1:1 Tracer Page

Here is traceable page I made. You can make them by downloading a "dotted" font.

Teaching Curriculum


 Discovering God's Heart for Children

The Song of Solomon for kids? YES! Just like adults, kids need to know that God really loves them. Until we have revelation-knowledge of how God feels about us, we will never be able to pray through the 'right' lens, seeing God as the loving Father that really likes us! 
     In these ten lessons, kids will go on a journey into discovering God's heart for them using key passages from the Song of Solomon. They will also learn the basic language and symbols from the Song of Solomon and gain understanding of intimacy with God. 
    Each week, there is four segments, Lesson, Hearing God Time, Practical Application, and Prayer. Taking time each week in class to have prayer time to absorb the lesson and pray using the scriptures helps have a greater impact in their hearts. Each week the children will facilitate a prayer meeting and pray for understanding for their hearts and the hearts of children and youth to discover Gods heart.
     You can also order a Student Discovery Journal, called the "Student Workbook, for each student in the class that they can do during the week at home in between lessons. The journal will help kids to have focused time with God when they are at home keeping them connected to each week's topics and tracking whats happening in their heart as they grown closer to God. 
     It is our prayer that your children, and the children in your ministry, encounter the loving, intimate, and personal relationship-heart of God! To purchase go here: eSTORE

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Foundations of Prayer

It has been a vision fulfilled to release Prayer Curriculum for kids that teaches kids how to engage with God using the Bible, God's Word. This Prayer Curriculum takes kids through six types of prayer; Intercession, Adoration, Proclamation, Communion, Thanksgiving, and Meditation, all through using the scripture. Help your kids engage with God by teaching them how to interact with Him using the scriptures! Now available here at SilverlakeSound or for a quicker shipment, you can purchase from the publisher directly: Foundations of Prayer, by Gina Hyatt.

I am very excited about the Children's Equipping Series that the Lord has been downloading to us here at Convergence House of Prayer. We have had the honor of serving our children at cHOP by giving them prayer room teachings and turning them loose to have their very own child-led prayer meetings. It has been amazing to see the children take these teachings and apply them right into prayer and worship!

We have been working really hard to structure some curriculum so that other families, prayer ministries, and churches can use this same material for their children. We are believing God for a generation that absolutely LOVES to pray. We believe it is possible, because our kids at Convergence House of Prayer absolutely LOVE to pray!
To purchase go here: eSTORE

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