Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Life and Words of Christ

Last week I randomly decided in the middle of my devotional set I needed to sing the sermon on the mount, it messed me up.

let me back up...

Four months ago a young lady was over our house visiting and she begins sharing her frustrations of being in programs, internships, schools, and such. She said that she just needed to "know Jesus in real life". I will keep the individual nameless...
She went on to say how she wished she could take a year of study on Christology, after all, isn't HIS life where we draw our knowledge of God from?

God speaks to me in different ways, at this moment, the light went on, bright, hot. I was challenged, I knew the "life of Christ", but did I know the Man?

fast forward...

So we arrive at our new assignment, building a Children's Equipping Center or the Bay Area region at Convergence House of Prayer. I am praying over what to do with the Children here (topically) and I am hit with "the Life of Christ" as if it was a burning conviction with the fear of the Lord.

Currently, I had been studying the Song of Solomon, the End Times (I'm on the Millennium right now), Israel, and I never quite got back to Joel which I was suppose to finish last year. I try to study an hour a week on each topic in addition to my meditation time, which is usually a psalm. So as you can imagine, I am falling short of my over-achieving goals constantly and now I want to add the 'Life of Christ' into the mix.

I get more and more scattered as the weeks go on, and then it hits me. I need to just study the burnings on my heart and teach that to the kids at the CEC. (As opposed to studying everything I want to study, study what I'm teaching, write this, write, that, etc, etc.)

What are the foundational studies of the House of Prayer? Uh, Jesus, the God-Man, yea. Let's go there for a bit shall we?? Ha!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God - Matthew 5:8

After all, this is what it's all about right? Right.

Back to last week....

I've been intrigued with the "unnamed woman" who brought the oil of spikenard to Jesus and broke it over His head, (more on that in another blog) and so I start there, spontaneously feel like the Lord is leading me to Matthew 5. As I begin to sing the verses of the Sermon on the Mount, the revelation of Jesus and the Kingdom of God begin to pour into my heart. I may have been singing three words the whole time, I don't remember, but it was the best translation I could manifest for the spiritual dialogue exchange I was having.

So, back to the basics, back to the cross. Back to the simple seeking of Jesus Christ, God in flesh, Yeshua Messiah, whose words are life.

Needless to say, I'll be singing Matthew 5 for a while, thats a great way to study, and hope I encouraged you to study the Life and words of Christ too.