Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Worth of Jesus

People everywhere give their time, their money, and their resources to what they deem "worthy". We judge what is "worthy" by what we give to it. Maybe is is unconscious, but we do make judgements which cause us to behave. The idea that something is "valuable" is per-determined in our mind before we give of our resources to it.

For example, we watch a tear-jerker video about starving children in a nation, and then we decide this cause is "worthy" to send money to. We hear some one preach and share the stories of their Mission's work, and decide to give to them. We decide what we think is worthy, or valuble and then we act on behalf of those value systems or mindsets we've agreed with. 

At the foundation of the world however, stands on man who is WORTHY to receive ALL power, blessing, honor, and glory. (Rev. 4:11) Though all men may not "see" His value, He alone is worth all we have. He alone is worth in fact, more than I can give Him. Actually, I can not give to Him what He is worth. In and of myself I do not have power, blessing, honor, or glory.  These things all come from Him. He must first deposit these things into me so that I have something to give back to Him. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

He alone holds every good thing, and He gives to us, that we could have something to give back. 

This reminds me of when I take my children shopping. When they are really young, and do not have money of their own, we let them "pick out" something to buy for Dad for his birthday. Then when they get to the counter to pay, I give them the money. "How cute!" the store clerk says as they reach up to hand them the money. Then my child feels as if they bought the gift. In fact, they are so glad to run up to Daddy and say, "look what I bought for you Daddy!!" 

Because Jesus is worth more than I have to give Him, it can feel as if it's so much and I have so little, so why try? Why even try to give an expression of "worth" to Him? How can I even try? 

Recently, at our House of Prayer, cHOP, Allen Hood visited and spoke on this topic. He did a beautiful job of explaining clearly WHY God is worthy of 24/7, night and day prayer and worship, in every nation. If this topic is pulling on you, I encourage you to listen to that message here.

And as always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic -