Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meditating on the Word

Meditating on the Word has been the key to growth in my spiritual life. Recently I just sat with the Lord and thought about my journey into the deeper walk with God. Looking at the road behind me that has led me to where I am in my intimate relationship with Him. One of the greatest teachings that changed my prayer life forever, was Kirk Bennett's Revelation by Meditation. I was completely unlocked and set free from trying to connect with God in a place of ritual prayer. 
     Let me first say, that I believe in ritual prayer. That is, a designated time and place where you are committed and disciplined in meeting with God. My prayer life was very much me reaching, grasping, pulling, and striving to touch God all the time. I was constantly aching and crying out, "God! Come here! Come and be with me!"
    When I began to simply take the scripture and meditate on it, I began to hear God say, "Gina, come up here, come be with me."
Have you been feeling like your prayer life is drugging hard work? Like there is a lot of striving, but little enjoyment? Think about this, the God, the one true and living God, who created the worlds, the beautiful galaxies, exposing His beautiful creative self through creation, is the most enjoyable supernatural person to be with. Shouldn't our prayer time (which is simply our "being with God time") be the most beautiful, enjoyable, and creative time we have? 
     Currently, I am going through some personal meditation in the Theophanies. The "what-a-what-a" you ask? "Theo" meaning "God", "Phainein" meaning "to show" or "seen". They are "God-sightings" in the Bible. They are the times God has allowed a man to see His heavenly dwelling, the activities that surround the throne,  and Jesus appearing before His incarnation.
    Meditating on the theophanies is a great way to start if you are in that place asking God for fresh revelation, and He is saying to you, "come up here".

Click Here for a downloadable Theophanies Prayer Outline.

Simply grab your Bible, and look up one of the passages
  1. Read the passage through once to get a context of whats going on. 
  2. Read the passage a second time slowly. When you hit a verse that explains what is being seen or heard by the author, stop. 
  3. Meditate (think upon, consider) what is being revealed about God in that verse. 

I ask myself these questions:
  1. What is God showing me about Himself?
  2. Why is God revealing that?
 Then I take time just to picture the scene, and worship God in the context of how He has revealed Himself.

There is nothing more hopeful or encouraging to the human heart than getting a picture of heaven in us. I encourage you to try this. Tell me what you think. - gina


  1. i love it! i have been going through allen hood's excellencies of Christ again trying to meditate on who Jesus is during this season of lent. so often i feel my time to meditate on the Word isn't long enough to get where i really want to go, but i guess even the short times are worth it because it keeps me chewing on the Word as i go about the rest of my day.

    1. I totally understand, mama's of five are lucky to get a ten minute shower without someone barging in... I try to meditate in moments like that. I miss the longer segments I have had in other seasons in my life, but i hold on to the hope that the seasons will shift again and I will get a little more time with Him again