Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holding On to Truth

Holding On to Truth is hard to do when the storms of life come. Through the years the Lord has been faithful to give me songs to sing during the times of life when my heart feels sad, dull, and asleep. 
    It's funny because I think of how the children of Israel turned away from God and built a golden calf to worship less than 100 days after witnessing the greatest signs and wonders of all time! To think about how fickle and frail our souls are, that one minute we are encountering God, and the next questioning His very existence!
    I can imagine the scene, and funny how we think the Hebrews were so weak in their faith. But I have found myself in the same place. When I think that God is going to do something, and He doesn't. Or when I think I deserve something from Him, be it His presence to encounter me, or just hearing a small voice speak, and when there is nothing, how faith dwindles like a smoldering fire. 
   Today, I wanted to encourage you, that when you do not see, when you do not hear, and when it seems His presence has been removed from you, spend time building up your inner man by recalling the thoughts of who He is, hold on to the truth.

Here is the chorus from a song I wrote a couple months ago that you can play on the player of this blog, it's titled "Your Burning Eyes" and it helps me hold onto truth.

"You never change, Your eyes are always on me, just the sameYour burning eyes, they are a flame of fire, oh how they burn, they never turn away."

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