Monday, January 17, 2011

What Do I Do in the Prayer Room for 8 Hours?

This is a Resource I created to help give a platform for those trying to structure their time in large chunks in the Prayer Room. If you are an Intercessory Missionary especially, it is important to have direction for your Sacred Trust time.

Different Types of Prayer Focus:

I. Adoration - proclaiming who God is and the attributes of His character

II. Confession - personal cleansing, repentance, putting on of Christ’s nature

III. Thanksgiving - praise offering, remembering the works of the Lord, meditation

IV. Communion – fellowship with God, talking about what’s on Your heart, thought cleansing

V. Supplication - asking, intercession, and petitioning according to His will

VI. Meditation – disciplined time meditating on small portions of scripture, writing and drawing revelation from the passage (read, write, say, sing, pray)

VI. Bible Study – studying and cross referencing passages and Biblical themes of personal interest or teaching preparation

It is important time is spend in the proper order, for example, adoring God first, exalts Him and who He is in your mind, thus naturally leading to seeing ourselves and less than God and in need of confessing our weak areas and need for Him. This then naturally leads us to thank Him and so on. Meditation and Bible Study usually soar once we have cleansed our heart and minds and fellowshipped with the Spirit.

Adoration: (can start at 15min. and expand to 60) Choose a passage of scripture (or a few) and begin to recite the Words and tell God who He is as He is revealed in that passage. [ADORATION Prayer Book by Bob Hartley is a great resource tool.]

Confession: (15 - 30 minutes) this may be shorter or longer, this is something you need to press through even when you don’t feel it, when lacking what to ‘confess’. Confession is never about putting yourself down and receiving condemnation. It is always about facing the true convictions of the Holy Spirit and seeing God for who He is in His rightful place of authority in your life. When you don’t know what to confess, try these:

· Your need for Jesus
· Your need for wisdom
· Your lack of understanding and knowledge of God
· Your human weakness

Thanksgiving: (5-15 minutes) Thank Jesus for the attributes spoken of during the adoration time and confession time, count your blessings, see the riches God has bestowed on you in the physical, emotional, and spiritual. [I personally have a daily list I go over reminding myself of all God has done for me, it begins with my salvation.]

Communion: (30 – 60 minutes) Cleanse your thought life of all the things that have been rolling in your head, talk to the Lord about what is bothering you, heavy on Your heart, not asking for anything, just engaging in a conversation rather than ‘venting’ to a friend. Take time to sit still and listen in your heart to His response. Journal any responses you hear from the Lord.

Supplication: (60 -90 minutes) This will be very different for each individual. It’s important to know that you may not cover everything everyday, but if you have a list to work down it helps get you into the place of prayer. If you feel an increase of the presence of the Lord as you are praying for one area, stop there and spend more time on it. Here is my Supplication (Asking/Intercession) list:
  1. Pray for Myself, Strengthening in my inner man. (Mike Bickle has a great resource Booklet, “Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man”
  2. Intercede over my husband and family
  3. Intercede over individuals on my heart from a list in my journal, including a list of people I am contending for their healing .
  4. Pray and ask God for financial favor over individuals who sow/have sown into me personally, my family, and my ministries
  5. Intercede over the pastors and leaders in my life and my church
  6. Intercede over area of Justice, social and political movements, California, Etc.
Meditation: (30-60 minutes) Choose a scripture passage (one verse) and read it over several times. Write it in your journal several times, walk and say it over and over. Begin to isolate words highlighting small portions at a time. In the room, sing bits of the verse at a time to the melody of the music on the set going in the room. Begin to pray the verse, applying it to your life and declaring it over your life and sphere. [refer to my article on Meditating on the Word for more tools and resources]

Bible Study: (60-120 minutes) Have a bible study action plan, books of the bible you are going after in deeper contexts hermeneutically. For example, I break my plan down quarterly and monthly, so if I am studying the Bridal Paradigm, that is the quarter study, each month I may focus on one chapter at a time of the Song of Solomon and going through every cross reference. Study slow. Take time to chew, journal, meditate, pray the verses, ask God for understanding, etc. Don’t just quickly move through commentaries.

I hope this encourages you and I believe it will give you direction in the area of developing a deeper prayer life!


  1. i love that you put this together! what a great resource! thanks gina.

  2. Charis, im so glad you checked it out! hope someone up at the watch of the Lord benefits!!

  3. Wonderful!!! I love it...what a blessing you are Gina! I will be utilizing this in my own prayer time this year...thanks so much!

  4. Great resource! Thanks for the contribution. I think Hannah put it out at the cHOP resource area. for people to grab and use.

  5. @Greg, great! I hope it helps some folks :)

  6. Hi Gina,
    I'm so glad Barbie pointed you over to my blog so that I could discover yours! :) You have some great content here that I am loving, especially since we are part of a small house of prayer, and I am making my way through all your posts. This one is especially helpful and I may share it with our HOP. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to getting to know you better in this virtual world! :)