Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I have been seeing the number "333"

It was on a bus facing me at a stoplight, the bus number in lights said "333". I thought, "Hmm, I haven't had numbers stand out to me in a long time."

Then, as I'm driving I look at my odometer, which we click to zero when the fuel light comes on, and it says "33.3". Immediately I think, "Jeremiah 33:3" I should look that up when I get home.

"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."

Other fun facts about 333 I found on the web:

Symbolism of "333"
  • Transition, Change, Travel
  • To awake (physically or spiritually)
  • In 333 BC Alexander the Great conquers Persia under Darius III in the Battle at Issus. He also conquers western Asia Minor, Phrygia, Byblos, Sidon, Syria, etc. Alexander the Great and his four successors are commonly believed to of fulfilled the prophecy in Daniel 8:5-8 as interpreted in Daniel 8:20-22. The historian Josephus even recorded that Alexander spared Jerusalem after the high priest presented the book of Daniel to him.

  • In 333 AD Flavius Julius Constans, the youngest son of Constantine I, is made Caesar at Constantinople. He later becomes co-emperor along with his brothers Constantine II and Constantius II. Constans tolerated Judaism, banned pagan sacrifices, and opposed Arianism (a belief which states that Christ, and by extension the Holy Spirit, was created and is therefore separate from, and inferior to, God the Father).

So I thought I would put this out there, anyone else seeing "333"? Thoughts?

- Gina


  1. Part of your post about Flavius Julius Constans got cut off. I want to know what else it said! Love you!

  2. Carla,
    there it is, weird! sorry about that!!
    I'd love to hear your thoughts!
    - Gina-

  3. Awesome, Gina!

    Here's my addition.

    Deutheronomy 33:3

    But all his holy ones were in his hand; they followed at his feet and he bore them up on his pinions.