Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Camaraderie Creed

Fasted Lifestyle Lesson #2

When coming into the House of Prayer community about four years ago, I quickly noticed a "different" family community atmosphere I had never experienced before.

Let me first explain the difference between a "House of Prayer" community verses a "Local Church" community. A Local Church is comprised mostly of people who gather together on Sundays for a Worship Celebration Service and hopefully, do ministry and fellowship together. This was our background and we were use to spending time together with people we "went to church with". In many ways, a local church community is very healthy in that families are building relationships with other families that they worship with on Sundays.

Now a House of Prayer community was a little different...

In the House of Prayer I was with others:
  1. In the Prayer Room
  2. On a worship Team
  3. On a prayer team
  4. At an Encounter God Service
  5. In the House of Prayer Office
I was no longer building relationships around fellowshipping and what I call Second Commandment Ministries together (i.e. Feeding the poor, Evangelism, Etc.), but I was building relationships with people I was #1. Praying With and #2 Worshipping With.

Fellowshipping and doing ministry together is VERY important, this we all know and agree, but I am emphasizing something else for the purpose you'll see in a second- hang on...

Something was different about getting to know people in the posture of prayer. For the first time I had people coming up to me repenting of their attitude, or little remark, of course which I never noticed... but God noticed. See, when you are sitting in a room looking at God ten, fifteen, twenty, or forty hours a week, you are very aware of the condition of your heart. My relationships with the people in the prayer room quickly became very real and transparent, unlike the relationships built on the "Hello's" and "how are you's?" that take place on Sunday mornings. They go deep, fast.

One day I was sitting in an empty prayer room, and the Lord deposited this creed into my heart.

The Camaraderie Creed
I don’t want to run alone.
I want to see my comrades,
I want my comrades to see me.
I want to know that I’m not alone.
I want my comrades to know that I am with them.
I want to be reminded daily of my focus,
and keep things in perspective
I want to be accountable,
and help keep my comrades accountable
I never want to forget His love is better than wine
And it is all about a wedding.

I hope this encourages you; that you are needed. Not just for what you can do and give, but needed in the place of prayer, worship, and fasting. I need to pray and worship with you! I need to see that you are running with me. We are stronger running in a pack, and we need to grow stronger in this hour. Remember, even showing up to the Prayer Room tired and weak for an hour, is still saying "YES".

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