Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Fragrance of His Name

In studying the Song of Solomon, what started as a complex book, began unraveling to a very focused end.

At the beginning of this year I started meditating on what should be a complex idea, and it is, the heart of God. Meditating on how He feels toward me has been a journey in itself. One of the main themes that has been unfolding before me is the Fragrance of His Name. I have seen this term, sang it in various songs, but never had the understanding I am singing it with now.

One day as I was singing about the fragrance of His name, I saw a young maiden lost in the forest, like a scene from a King Arthur era movie. She was scared and the sun began going down. The fear of the night coming and she still being lost, drew her to a choice. Her mind wanted to fear and shut down paralyzed, but her heart knew if she could just get a sense of where her lover was, it would be enough to bring her out of the fear and help her overcome and find him. She needed to get a hint of His fragrance so that her heart could be confident He wasn’t too far off, that He wasn’t unreachable.

I saw the young woman lift her head and get a small trace of His fragrance, her face lit up and strength came back into her spirit like a rush of adrenaline.

One major thing I have learned in my few years, is that I can rise up and do great things when I have emotional strength. When someone believes in me it doubles the belief I have in myself. Sometimes I am so close to the finish of the race, but so emotionally drained I can’t hold my head up to see the finish line right in front of me so I stop only a few feet away from it. Sometimes it takes know Jesus is near, so I can lift my head and find Him.

"... I will look for the fragrance of His Name, I will follow it where it leads me..."


  1. This one really spoke to my heart.

  2. that is an great encouragement. i was at a meeting last night where a gal shared a very similar vision she had during worship. i love how the Holy Spirit encourages us all in similar themes.