Friday, June 8, 2012

FREE Children's Resource Friday- Prayer Leading Guide

In this Friday's Free Resource for Children's Ministry, I'd like to introduce you to a Prayer Leader Guide for kids. You may already be doing this with your kids at home or in church, but if not, I love to share this with you, and if so, perhaps a new resource for you to use?

Here is my son when he was just 7, praying during our Kids Prayer Meeting. The first obstacle for kids to overcome in prayer is language. How can kids get scripture hidden in their heart, so they are actually using biblical language to pray from, while applying it to their life at the same time? That's right, by "Pray-Reading" the Scripture.

Here's an easy way to work the muscle of Pray-Reading Scripture- and even better, is that by working this muscle, children will be memorizing scripture in a way that applies to their lives, making it more real to them!

  1. Read the passage to the children and explain that this is scripture which is a prayer written by the Apostle Paul. That there are many prayers already in the Bible that we can pray as well. 
  2. In this passage, Paul was praying for the Church in Ephesus, but we will use it to pray for (your Pastor, Parents, etc. whatever you choose)
  3. Let them read and fill out the booklet, take it up to the microphone, and pray through as directed.
As always, I would love to hear what you thought and how it worked for you!

Prayer Leader Booklet

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