Sunday, November 6, 2011

Journey into Love - PART Three

I recently went through my heart history in a fraction of a second, like a flashing before my eyes, when I heard Bob Fraser share his desire for a revelation of the love of God. My heart leaped out of its skin remembering how I too, have ached and groaned for a deeper understanding of God's love.

Throughout my Christian walk I have been told about God's love, and prophetically that I am some kind of "carrier" of His love. Well, yes, of course we all are suppose to be messengers of His love, but for me it has been spoken over me that it is some sort of life calling, or life message, of mine to deliver the love of God to others. The only problem with that, is that I don't feel like a very loving person. I struggle just to believe God loves me, let alone anyone else. How can I get filled with God's love enough that it overflows out of me?

This painting that I did (pictured above) is a visual of just that. That I know God loves me with my mind, yet my heart struggles to believe because my life doesn't reflect the truth that I believe- at least not most of the time!

But I want to become a carrier of God's love, I want to walk into a room and the watch the joy of the Lord increase! I want to do all things out of an overflowing love for God.

Recently, at our Marketplace Impact Conference at Convergence House of Prayer, Bob Fraser spoke about how when he was seeking this revelation of God's love. He shared that over a period of four months or so, as he meditated and proclaimed by reading verses that declare how God feels toward us, he began to have a great increase in this area. As he was sharing that, I remembered how when I first started meditating on scripture, about four years ago, I asked the Lord, "where do I start"? The Lord clearly revealed to me that I needed to have faith increase on this topic of "How God Feels About Me". In fact, the first children's curriculum I began to write was called, "How God Feels About Me"! What happened? I think I must have dropped the ball, got off into studying other things and left this important meditation behind.

I feel so urgently now that I need to gain great revelation of this, that I am going to go after this for the next two months, really going after how He feels toward me. If you would like to come along for the journey, I will try to post as much as possible from now until Christmas on the topic.

If you would like more resources on Adoration and Proclamation, here are a few good ones! Let the journey begin!

- gina


  1. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for sharing this journey you are on. It is so neat to read about the walk of other Christians.

    Thanks for following me on Network Blogs, I am new and just learning the ropes.


  2. Oh my friend, I am right there with you. I read those words, that tell me of His love, yet it hasn't quite seeped into my heart, to the deeper places where it needs to go. I am taking this journey with you. Praying and asking for that deeper revelation for both of us. Love ya!

  3. Child of God, thank you for finding me and following, I enjoyed checking out your blog and your prayer links. I look forward to connecting more-

    Barbie, thanks for partnering, Im committed, I need this revelation as my soul requires water. -gina

  4. i love your painting. wow, that describes me as well. beautiful and so real.

    my recent post: the great adventure