Monday, May 16, 2011

How's Your Tank?

Every week I have to stop and look at my schedule all over again, you?
I wonder where the time goes. All the ambitions of Monday, what did I accomplish by Saturday?
Saturday is my day of and I'm suppose to rest, but instead what happens is I find myself bearing the guilt of the under-met goals. Some people would call me an over achiever just because I have five kids and still work full-time, keep a house, and homeschool. But to me, thats just the base line. I have personal life goals, and I'm already 36, if I keep moving... well, you know the story.
So I'm working on an album right now (in my spare time) and trying to go back and finish college (why didn't I do this before kids?) I have not had the desired time to work on my music or art in the last few months as I have been fighting to stay healthy (longer, and boring story). All this to say, that no matter how much a person can handle, whether you can barely just work and thats it, or you are a full time mom with a full time job, DIYer, homeschooler, or whatever, the question affects us all on Sunday evening. "How's my tank?"
In the age to come we will have jobs, hobbies, responsibilities, etc. But in this present, and evil age, only, we have the opportunity to acquire costly oil.
Like David, I don't want to give to the Lord what costs me nothing!

“No, but I will buy them for the full price. I will not take for the LORD what is yours, nor offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” 1 Chronicles 21:24
What kind of sacrifice is it to fast TV or sugar, really? How far can I go? To what degree can I possibly give to God? I want my tank to be full of oil! I want my lamp to burn!
Maybe Im just being dramatic, but here it is the beginning of a new week, and the only ambition that really matters is, "what kind of intimate time with the Lord will I have this week?" I am finding that I need to re-focus my schedule, yet again, and make sure my accomplishment is found in the secret place time.
How's your tank?



  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I love hearing your heart and message. I just got my tank filled by the love and prayers from some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. It was a great filler.Gotta keep it filled through this week! On a lighter note the cost of gas went down to under 4 bucks!

  2. Ha ha Patrick!

    I was just reflecting on this. I missed your fabulous message on Friday night. I am getting ready to redo my entire schedule so that I can sit before Him more. I am in need of a filler-up!

  3. @ Patrick, I think I released that in the spirit friday night when i talked about 'oil'!! @Barbie, i need the filler-too! my message should be on the podcast this week - id love you to get to listen to it, i was pretty goofy actually :)

  4. Going vertical with God totally helps me enjoy going horizontal in life. It's a solid reminder of what I need to do continually. Thanks.

  5. i need a good filling up! God's oil is the type that makes me want more even we i get some. i am so thankful to feel the hunger for it because a lot of times i don't feel the hunger.

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