Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fasted Lifestyle

The clearest picture we have of the what the fasted lifestyle looks like is the life of John the Baptist. John the Baptist presents a picture of a man with a single life vision and focus; preparing the way of the Lord. In fact, he is the picture of a "forerunner" living a "fascinated" life.

I really want to encourage you to study the life of John the Baptist. It is something I am going after this year, asking for deeper revelation on the fasted lifestyle.

If you want to listen to the message I spoke on the Fasted Lifestyle 1/30/11 click the link below- it will take you to the Convergence House of PRayer Media site. Just click on the date and message title "The Fasted Lifestyle".

Oh and hope you are doing good on Day Two of the Global Bridegroom Fast!
- Gina

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  1. i would love to listen to it. i love the stuff you share here. keep blogging!